Welcome to Jeff's Place!

My name is Jeffrey Paul & I’m 51, known as one "Crip" in cyberspace - with a very strong Christian belief in Christ; & I live in the USA down south in the hills of Eastern Tennessee.

I am a C4/5 Quadriplegic and have been 25 years now, my life did not go as I expected it would..NO not at all!

In 1988 I was swimming with friends at our usual swimming hole down by the river, just a normal day after a long work night (graveyard) shift at a warehouse were I was employed. I dove in the water and broke my neck and I was paralyzed from my neck down, from then til now I remain as I was that day.

Okay …more even ..

I have had many websites in my years online, this one was just recently updated yet again, keeping it very simple & light weight for those with a slow internet connection.. ie. (user friendly).

I suppose one could say I’m somewhat of a designer with basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, I can and do work around PHP .. but I can’t put together or write any php code of my own. I have made many Free SMF Themes in the past, all of which can be downloaded at the SMF Theme Site.

Please feel free to write and ask me anything concerning my website or my life as a Quadriplegic "(Quadness)" or something else I’ve not mentioned here.